What Are The Basic Questions For Feasibility Study?


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A feasibility study is a short, focused study which aims to answer a number of questions:-

1- Does the system contribute to the overall objectives of the organization?

2- Can the system be implemented using the current technology and within given cost and schedule constraints?

3- Can the system be integrated with other systems which are already in place?
The issue of whether or not the system contributes to the business objectives is critical. If a system does not support these objectives, it has no real value to the business. While this may seem obvious, many organizations develop systems which do not contribute to their objectives either because they don't have a clear statement of these objectives or because other political or organization factors influence the system procurement.
Carrying out a feasibility study involves information assessment, information collection and report writing. The information assessment phase identifies the information required the three question set above. Once the information has been identified, you should question information sources to discover the answer to these questions. Some examples of possible questions that may put are:-

1-How would the organization cope if this system was not implemented?

2-What are the problems with current processes and how would a new system help alleviate these problems?

3-What direct contribution will the system make to the business objectives?

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