What Are The Benefits Of Government-promoted Deregulation?


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Government promoted deregulation is the right vested in the government in control to de-regulate or remove any particular regulations or restrictions within the system. However, like any other system, this right too has been critically viewed by many. It has been observed by the speculations of the politically powerful that government promoted deregulation is like a double-edged sword. The debate over deregulation is best understood as inconclusive, at best.

The following are the benefits of government promoted deregulation:

1) Many consider government promoted deregulation good per se and relate to it.
2) The system of government promoted deregulation protects rights
3) Deregulation removes uncertainties concerning the existent marketplace, which may be difficult to cope with or questionable.
4) The system of government promoted deregulation reduces the 'nitpicking' and coercive regulations
5) Government promoted deregulation promotes greater productivity and efficiency
6) The system and the right vested with the government combats inflation
7) Regulations, very many a times, cannot be justified by 'benefits over costs'
8) Special interest groups who are in favour of government promoted deregulation are remarkably similar to the groups opposed to deregulation.

Like any other political system and power vested in the government, government promoted deregulation is also subject to its application and capacity to remain devoid of any misuse.
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so is the answer A- gov dereg. decreases prices B-Gov. dereg. increases competition C-gov. dereg. eliminates competition D- gov dereg eases gov burden ?

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