Describe How Outsourcing Works. Why Would A Firm Want To Outsource?


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Following the 80/20 rule, only 20% of the work brings in most of the revenue so the goal with outsourcing is to find more time for their 20% Income Producing Activities (IPAs) by properly delegating the 80% time consuming work to the right Virtual Assistants who can get the job done
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Lets take an example its your mobile phone service provider , that company will introduce lots of new plans which will be favorable to the costumers ,and they will introduce new plans each year and some times they update it , if costumer have any kind out dought  regarding the new plans , representatives will try to help by explaining it ,it is similar in every field but with certain modifications
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The reason why company outsourced for them to save expenses and manpower.
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Outsourcing works in many different ways and different strategies. Outsourcing is when a company or a business hires other or another individual to perform some of specialised tasks, it can be local or international and when we say international it is called offshoring or offshore outsourcing. It has become a business practice especially to small to medium type businesses. It allow your business to focus more on the business core in order to attain more success and expansion.

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Outsourcing always provoked tons of contradictions, but I see advantages only for both employers and executors. The biggest "plus" is saving and reducing of costs. That is not a secret that East European web workers can boast with top quality products they make, meanwhile they require lower salaries comparing to western collegues. Would you co-work with them taking into account these facts? Of course you would! Here's just a brilliant article on this topic .

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Customers often expect all customer support options to be available to them, and with good reason. Each support channel has its own benefits. More information you can find here For example, email offers relatively timely responses and is convenient, while live chat gives customers the opportunity to speak directly with a representative and immediately attract attention.

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A firm usually outsources to save money - cheaper labor, raw materials, etc..  The way it works is that a company will usually send out "quotes" to perspective clients, who in turn would "bid" on a job or service.

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