What Is An Order Letter?


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Letters dealing with orders and payments for merchandise form a bulk of business activity. As a result, serious thinking and care should be exercised in drafting these letters. A little carelessness may result in loss of the customers or good will. Therefore order letters should be exact cordial and tactful. They should be definite and complete that the reader may fell it exactly as the writer wishes. Any error or incompleteness may mean further corresponding shipping delays complicated billing repacking and loss of business.

An order letter need not be preceded by an inquiry or offer. Information received from catalogue and advertisement also helps people and parties in placing and sale. Hence it has great importance. Proper care should be taken in drafting of the order to ensure efficient handling and to eliminate all doubts resulting in loss of time and possibly of the market.

The desired facts are as under:
1. Details about what you are ordering or reserving.
2. Directions for shipment.
3. Manner of payments.

In both order and reservation messages, the main idea in the first paragraph we are reserving or ordering something. Our explanatory paragraphs give whatever details the order requires --- about quantity, colour, style, size, price, payment, location, shipment data, place --- plus any specific instructions our reader might need. The last paragraph invites prompt shipment and dated action, if desired.
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Order letter should reasonably short, entirely clear, very specific, and fully complete so as to make the reading and filling of order easy for the recipient.
The invariable rule of the modern business house, therefore, is to fill these orders in such a way that its customers will be so pleased that they will be inclined to place all their orders with it

See sample order letter for your reference.

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